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Found 8 results

  1. (Public Bug/Hack )12.03.2019 (still working now.)✔️There is always a risk guys but no one has been banned yet. P.S: If u want after u get the coins/skin quit game and remove the command line.Origin > Apex Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options " +debug_force_EAAccess 1 "
  2. Only Windows 10 https://www.pubg-premium.com/store/category/36-promix-apex
  3. -------------------------------------------------- ---------- Week: 60 $ Month: 110 $ LifeTime 550 $ Store PubG-Premium Hacking Store
  4. [ESP] 2D BOX Corner BOX Skeleton Item ESP(TEXT) Item ESP(ICON) Vehicle ESP Airdrop ESP DeathDrop ESP Grenade(Range) ESP [AIMBOT] Acceleration Predict Bullet drop Predict Cross-hair Field Of View Visible Check Aimbone Aimbot Key Shift - Head Shot [MISC] NO RECOIL RADAR
  5. P-P

    Hera PubG Hack

    HERA Features: F1 Player ESP F2 Vehicle ESP F3 Item ESP F4 X-Ray (See chams through wall) Item Filter set your hotkey Ctrl+1 Armor ESP Ctrl+2 Weapon ESP Ctrl+3 Backpack ESP Ctrl+4 Heal ESP Ctrl+5 Attachment ESP Ctrl+6 Grenade ESP CapsLock For Switch AimBone: Neck to Spine ========================================== INSTALLATION: 1. close your Anti Virus 2. make sure steam is launched 3. Run Hera loader 4. fill in your key and press "enter" 5. run pubg when the loader closes 6. There is no in-game menu (watch the video to see how it works)
  6. P-P

    Future PubG Hack

    [FUTURE] Support Win 10,7 (steam, kakao), English Menu HWID lock for 20 minutes. Key features: All ESP, Predictive Aimbot, Enemy Aiming Warning, Smooth Aim, Visibility Check, Minimap Radar, Show Hackers in the Game, Quick head shot, Aim Priority Setting. [Instructions to use] 1. Run loader as an administrator (DO NOT put loader in Desktop) 2. Click Register, and register ID PW, put key. ONLY USE NUMBER FOR ID!!!!! 3. Go back and login 4. You can see this message which shows the remaining time. Wait for 1 minute and run PUBG. (this window will be closed when you run PUBG)
  7. P-P

    Special Hack

    Background - menu transparency Framerate - FPS Players - skeleton Color theme - change the color of ESP HP Bar - HP's Remainder Distance - distance to the enemy Nickname - the nickname of the enemy + the number of his frags Weapon - enemy weapon Vehicle - transport Loot - weapons, fashion, armor, medecine, sights and so on Line - lines from character to enemy Boxes - boxes Grenades - flying grenades Crosshair - crosshair Panic option - "Clean screenshot" Radar - Radar (turn off, square, round) Side - position of the radar on the screen Radar Transparent - shadow from the radar (strongly plant FPS) Bone - aym (off, trunk, neck, head, car) Key - select the button ayma (clamp together with the right mouse button when shooting) Dot - a small crosshair on the enemy, which will be captured by Aym Smoothness - smoothness of Aima Distance modificator - smoothness of aim according to distance Jump - the speed with which Aym jumps after killing at the enemy is nearby
  8. P-P

    Snow PubG Hack

    [Instructions to use] 1. Run loader as an Administrator 2. Put code in the pop-up window. 3. Press enter and you can see your remaining subscription time. And it will be automatically closed. 4. Run PUBG
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