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PubG Kyripton


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This is internal cheat.

-Support all Windows 10 systems and versions.

-Requirements: VC ++ 2015 (hybrid possible), VC ++ 2017/2019 (hybrid possible)

-Krypton bypasses OBS (StreamProof)

This product offers wide settings for the most comfortable display of objects, players and vehicles.

- range (maximum display distance of opponents)
- closest range (distance beyond which information cluttering the screen is not displayed above the players)
- boxes (off, normal, corners)
- health (off, text, bar)
- names (player names)
- distance (distance to the players)
- skeleton (bone highlight)
- custom color (allows you to set any esp color you like)

- enabled (enable, disable highlighting items)
- range (range of illumination of objects)
- rarities (items significance categories: lv.1, lv.2, lv.3, lv.4)
- categories (categories of items: weapons, body kits, medicine, boosts, helmets, body armor, backpacks, ammunition, explosive items, etc.)
- humanized (the language of the name of the items will vary based on the language settings of your game)
- icons (currently absent, will appear in the next updates)
- customizing (customize your colors!)

***- Airdrop:
****- enabled (enable / disable airdrop backlight)
****- range (airdrop radius)
**- Deathdrop (lootbox)
****- enabled (enable / disable deathdrop highlighting)
****- range (radius of highlight deathdrop)
**- Vehicles:
****- enabled (enable / disable vehicles backlight)
****- distance (distance to the vehicle)
****- range (vehicles highlight radius)
- spectators (number of observers for you)
- near by (the number of players near you)
- grenade tracker (tracking grenades)
- full customize( airdrops, deathdrops, grenades, vehicles )


- prediction(with vehicles)
- drop correction
**- mode (aimbot operation mode on / per button)
**- auto cycle (target change mode after killing)
**- bone (the bone on which the aim will be pointed)
**- distance (aimbot work distance)
**- fov (radius of the aimbot)
**- check visible (check the visibility of the target)
**- smoothing mode (type of smoothness of fine-tuning: off / constant / timely increase in delay)
**- legit smoothing ("human-like" refinement, based on the calculation of mathematical curves)
**- smooth X (smooth finish on the X axis)
**- smooth Y (smooth finish on the Y axis)
**- recoil control (dada, this is a recoil control system)
**- recoil X (X-axis recoil compensation)
**- recoil Y (Y-axis recoil compensation)
**- delay (delay before debugging)
**- duration (refresh rate)
**- delay cycle (delay aimbot work cycle)
NOSWAY is compensated by default







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