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1) Make sure you are using windows 10 (1809 OR 1909)
2) Unistall EVERY anti-virus you have. (Disabling them is not enough)
3) Run loader as admin and enjoy !

Intel Virtualisation should be ENABLED by default ! If one of your user have issue, verify this step !

 Key for the menu to enable: DELETE

How can I install cheats safely:
1. restart pc

2. make sure battle.net, steam, origin etc. or any games are NOT running at all

3. run the loader and directly after close all "File Explorer" windows

4. login to the loader and let it run and load the cheets (you can play without spoofer if you want)

5. after you finished all steps in loader, only then you start up battle.net and the game.




 If an user experiences any issues, let them run msconfig and then do the following (make sure to check "Hide all Microsoft services"!)



If after doing MSconfig, it did not fix the issue. Here is some other step to look into - 
0) Make sure all overlays are disabled ! TY 

1) Increase pagin file -



2) Disable windows 10 SuperFetch - Type "services.msc" in search bar - Look for SuperFetch - Right click on it, then look for "properties" - Disable it and Stop the current process. Click Apply. 

3) Unistall useless drivers (MSI, Razer synapse, Logitech, etc) - Those are not essential for your PC to work properly.

4) Unistall Anti-Virus if you only disabled them

5) Last step if nothing is working, Clean format using Diskpart. Disable windows update + automatic updates for other softwares.




Following these steps should have you 100% setup for loader.

1. Disable Hyper-V
Disable Hyper-V by running command prompt as admin: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off


2. Bios Settings
Get into BIOS. Enable Intel Virtualization. Disable Secure boot.
If you have problem finding the Virtualization OR the secure boot, find your user manual of your specific Motherboard.

If SecureBoot is grey and you can't disable it, try clearing the keys.


3. Windows Defender
Disable Windows Defender AND Windows Firewall 100% Make sure you also disable all of the exploit protection!


4. Antivirus
Uninstall EVERY anti-virus you have. (Disabling them is not enough)



5. Task Manager
Go to task manager menu where it says "Startup" and make sure all applications are marked "disabled"


6. Overlays
Disable EVERY OVERLAY POSSIBLE! (Origin, Uplays, Steam, WindowsGameBar, Etc.)





8. Disable UAC




Do i need to reinject everytime i want to play XX games ?

No, once you inject once, you will be injected until your next PC restart.

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