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How to Fix Dev Error ((6068), (6065) and (6165) in MW

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Hey All, I see alot of people asking for help on dev error's. So i have compiled a list on what people report the most, If i haven't written you're error, Feel free to reply back to this thread and i will continually, keep it updated. 



Call of Duty Modern Warfare is encountering errors like Dev error 6068, error 6065, and error 6165. These Dev errors lead the PC to game crash or black screens. Most of the Dev errors get resolved as we give administrative rights to the game, But seen as we turned "UAC" off when we completed the steps, Admin Privileges wont show.


Solution 1:

Follow these simple steps to fix Dev Error 6068, 6065 and 6165 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

 Navigate to the game location, the folder where the game has been saved.
 Open the game folder.
 Now, search for the file with .exe extension, these file has the file type “Application”.
 Now right click on the .exe file and select the option “Run this Program as an administrator” from the menu.


Solution 2:

This error appears when the players try loading multiple screens for multiplayer mode or try opening the cut scene for single-player mode. Players encounter this error code 6065 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, because of the latest GPU drivers. In this case, they can roll back to the older GPU drivers’ version and the problem will be resolved. But it also fixes alot more other errors as well. So maybe give it a shot and it will reinstall different game shaders. 


 1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key  and R at the same time to invoke the run box.

● 2) Type devmgmt.msc and click the OK button.


 3) Expand the Display adapters branch. Right-click the Nvidia graphics card device and click Properties.



 4) Click the Driver tab. Then click Roll Back Driver.



 5) Then you will get a pop-up window like below. Click the Yes button. Then the driver will be restored to previously installed version.


 6) Restart your PC for the change to take effect.

Solution 3:

The error with the message “Dev Error 6068 – DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error” has become a nightmare for COD Modern Warfare players. However, it can be avoided by taking care of some simple things. Follow these steps to fix Dev Error 6068 in COD Modern Warfare:

 First, you need to deactivate the NVIDIA overlay from GeForce Experience and all other overlay applications.
 In the game setting, set the game Window to borderless.
 Make sure that you have the latest version of Windows.
 Switch off RTX and XBOX game bar.
 Open Task Manager and set the COD Modern Warfare to High Priority.
 Lower the particle settings of the game. Alternatively, you can lock the game at 3 frames per second. Follow the following steps to do the same;
 Open the Control Panel of the NVIDIA.
    Click on Manage 3D settings.
    Finally, open “Program Settings”, now select the game from the list.
    Now change the vertical sync setting to “Adaptive Half Refresh Rate”.
    Launch the game.
    Now you also need to disable vertical sync in the game also, doing this will lock the game to 30 frames per second (FPS).


Other Infomation:

How to Fix Dev Error 6065 in COD Modern Warfare?

"The game developers and publishers are working to fix this error or find solutions to it. This error is not yet fixed by them, but they have recommended lowering down the graphic settings to avoid this error in the meantime.",


My Suggestion: If you have a overclocked GPU with Afterburner, Bump the Memory Clock Down.



Common Solutions for Dev Errors:

Here we have discussed different methods that repair the game generally and efficiently removes dev errors.
 If you are using a second monitor, disable it and then relaunch the application.
 Disable Ray tracing from the game settings.
 Try reinstalling DirectX.
 Scan and Repair the game through battle.net application.
 Disable “Crossplay” in the game settings, you can find this option by navigating to the Options menu and then opening the Account tab.
 Overclocking is a feature that increases the GPU’s clock rate making it work faster. Turning off the overclocking feature may also prevent dev errors.
 Sometimes poor internet connection causes dev errors, check and refresh your internet connection. This seems small but it may become the main reason for errors.
 Options >> General Tab >> Telemetry Section >> Server Latency.
 Enable this option.
 If nothing helps then try a uninstall and then reinstall as a last resort.

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