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Special Hack


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Background - menu transparency
Framerate - FPS
Players - skeleton
Color theme - change the color of ESP
HP Bar - HP's Remainder
Distance - distance to the enemy
Nickname - the nickname of the enemy + the number of his frags
Weapon - enemy weapon
Vehicle - transport
Loot - weapons, fashion, armor, medecine, sights and so on
Line - lines from character to enemy
Boxes - boxes
Grenades - flying grenades
Crosshair - crosshair
Panic option - "Clean screenshot"
Radar - Radar (turn off, square, round)
Side - position of the radar on the screen
Radar Transparent - shadow from the radar (strongly plant FPS)
Bone - aym (off, trunk, neck, head, car)
Key - select the button ayma (clamp together with the right mouse button when shooting)
Dot - a small crosshair on the enemy, which will be captured by Aym
Smoothness - smoothness of Aima
Distance modificator - smoothness of aim according to distance
Jump - the speed with which Aym jumps after killing at the enemy is nearby

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